Month: October 2018

Friends of Lincoln Community Forest Appreciation Picnic

The second annual Friends of Lincoln Community Forest Appreciation Picnic was a huge success and a wonderful event for our neighborhood.
“THANK YOU” to everyone who attended (over 100 people) and all the volunteers. We would not have been so successful without you.

It was successful for several reasons. The picnic was an unprecedented financial success (netted $2,200); many people learned about the Forest and several became new members.
Most important, there was a feeling of community, of coming together for something so close to us, right here in Lincoln Township.
Thanks, also, to all who donated items and found other people to donate items to the Silent Auction. Lots of variety.
And thanks, of course, to all the buyers. I hope you are enjoying the many different offerings from under the tent.
With much appreciation,

Mary Maguire, Fundraising Chair

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Eek! Touch a snake??

The environmental education program titled Predators! sponsored by the Friends of Lincoln Community Forest was fun and successful.  32 people attended including 16 kids.  And yes, most of them touched the snake!

Stories and explanations about predators and their prey, their life cycles, and how they hunt, eat and survive were presented by Haley Appleman of the Cable Natural History Museum in the Grand View Community Center.  She brought a live hawk, a snake, and a tiger salamander and explained how they catch their prey in very different ways.  Audience participation in these stories and explanations made the learning interesting and fun!

This was the first of four wildlife education programs that will be sponsored by the FLCF.  Funding was provided by the Four Cedars Environmental Fund and the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

Keep a look-out for the next program which will be held in early December

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