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7 New Boardwalks!

Lincoln Community Forest Hiking Trails have 7 new boardwalks! All are built over areas that were
muddy or have flowing water under them. Hikers can keep their feet dry now from spring to fall on the
5.5 miles trail system.

Five boardwalks were built with help of a WI DNR trail grant and a WisCorps crew of six young adults
during a week in August 2021. They built about 100 feet total.

Two additional sections, totaling about 100 feet were built on the Lake Trail in October 2021 with the
help of a Bayfield County Health Infrastructure Grant. Northland College students and several Friends
volunteers helped build it.

We are so grateful to grantors and for all the volunteers from the Friends Group, Northland College
students and WisCorps who helped in many ways to complete these boardwalks.

Landmark Conservancy supported our projects both financially and obtained permission from WI DNR.
Thanks Landmark!

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Building a Bridge

The Friends spent two days building a bridge across a steep drainage along the western end of the Marengo Ridge Trail in the Lincoln Community Forest.  Fifteen super-motivated volunteers and one Landmark Conservancy intern worked hard and had fun constructing the bridge with hand labor and tools. Thank you to our volunteers and especially to Mark Dryer for organizing the project and to Mel Baughman for being our construction foreman.
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Trail work on Halloween

A dozen members of the Friends of Lincoln Community Forest helped maintain trails, installed a gate, and cleared a short re-route on Halloween.  It was fun to see progress made and to catch up with one another.

The trails are in great shape.  Come and enjoy.

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Trees on Trails – oh my!

There are numerous trees across all Lincoln Community Forest trails from the July 18 storm that included very strong winds.  The trails that are affected most are the hiking trails near the Marengo River, so we recommend avoiding those.

The Boulevard Trail and Bowl Loop are still passable and beautiful, even though there are a few trees to go around or over.

We will communicate as trails are cleared.
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Annual Pizza Bake!

Is your mouth watering thinking about the wood-fired brick oven pizza you’ve had at the Friends of Lincoln Community Forest’s annual appreciation picnic? To keep us safe, we’ve made changes to our event this year. You can still satisfy that craving and donate to the Friends group by ordering fresh or frozen pizzas.

Pre-ordered pizzas will be available for pick-up on August 29th between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. at the Dryer’s on Kyster Road in Lincoln.

Contact the Friends via email to request a pizza order form: We have to limit the number of pizzas we will make, so don’t wait too long.

Can’t make the pizza bake, but still want to donate? Go to out donate page:

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Wood Turtle Watch

Wood turtles love the Marengo River and it’s surrounding habitats, laying their eggs in loose gravel near the river.  Unfortunately, they often lay their eggs in road ditches, giving raccoons a smorgasbord of newly laid eggs. It’s one of the reasons they are a state threatened species.
That’s why the Lincoln Community Forest and Turtles for Tomorrow built safe nesting sites in the forest.  These sites are gravel pads surrounded by electric fence to keep raccoons and other predators out.  One nest successfully hatched eggs last year which means that more females will be attracted to the site this year.
Volunteers with the Friends of Lincoln Community Forest will check out (monitor) the nesting sites every day in June to look for turtle nests.  Nests will be recorded, marked, and then in fall, inspected to see if the eggs hatched and baby turtles emerged.
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Tending Young Trees

Aspen were harvested along the main trail in the Lincoln Community Forest a few years ago.  Soon after, we planted white spruce and red oak.  The oak were protected from deer using tree tubes.  Landmark Conservancy planted white pine.  These species will give the forest more diversity and resilience to a changing climate.
Volunteers from the Friends group helped tend these young trees this spring.  We checked survival, fixed tree tubes where needed, and propped up white pine that were bent over from heavy snow.  We saw good survival of red oak and white pine.  Some white spruce survived too, but not as well as the pine and oak.  It will be fun to see these trees grow over the years.
The pic shows Erika Lang (Landmark Conservancy) and Madelaine Rekemeyer (Friends volunteer) social distancing while tending trees.
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FLCF Forest News – January 2020

Friends of Lincoln Community Forest volunteers have been busy this winter grooming the ski trails and packing the snowshoe trails. We are seeing a lot of trail use this year, having been blessed with an abundance of snow and relatively mild temperatures.
Check it out!

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Friends of the Lincoln Community Forest Appreciation Picnic


Friends of the Lincoln Community Forest Appreciation Picnic

Saturday, August 24, 2019 3:00 pm until dark

At the home of Mark and Pam Dryer.  28340 Kyster rd, Mason, WI, 54856

Please join us.  Bring your family, friends and neighbors.  This event is free and open to the public (sorry, no pets).  Donations will be accepted.

  • Wood-fired pizza and other great foods
  • Hike and fish the Marengo River.  See incredible views of the Marengo River valley and scouring caused by a massive flood in 2016
  • Hike mowed trails in the forest
  • Silent auction treasures
  • Lawn games
  • Live music by the Hawkins Creek Band and campfire at 6:00 pm

This is a fundraiser for the Friends of the Lincoln Community Forest’s operating expenses.

Directions to the Dryers.

From Grand View, WI – Drive north on HWY 63 about 1.5 miles to Dybedal Rd.  Turn right on Dybedal Rd, drive 2.5 miles to “T” intersection with Altamont Rd.  Turn right on Altamont Rd, drive 3.5 miles following curves to Four Corners Store Rd.  Turn left on Four Corners Rd, drive 1 mile to Kyster Rd.  Turn left on Kyster Rd, drive 1 mile to Fire Number 28340.

From Sanborn, WI – Drive south and then west on County E about 3 miles to Four Corners Store Rd and Saloon.  Turn left on Four Corners Store Rd, drive 4 miles following the curves to Kyster Rd.  Turn right on Kyster Rd, drive 1 mile to Fire Number 28340.Directions to the Dryers.

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The Story of Fish and Climate Change in WI

Our next education program features Frank Pratt, retired Fishery Biologist, who will speak on the changes to local fisheries predicted from our changing climate. Frank offers a fun and educational program. You want won’t to miss it!

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