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Boardwalk to Mikinaak Lake

The Lincoln Community Forest has a new boardwalk to Mikinaak Lake.  It is a special project in a unique location and the Friends of the Lincoln Community Forest celebrated its completion with a ribbon cutting on Saturday, August 12.

The Boardwalk crosses a forested bog to the open water of Mikinaak Lake.  Mikinaak is the Ojibwe word for Turtle.

The Friends are so grateful for this community project and the people who came together to make it happen.

It will be a nice place to sit and watch the beauty and enjoy the peace of the Northwoods.  It will also be a great location to see wildlife.  We expect birdwatchers will see dozens of species in May and June, and visitors in September and October can take in the fall colors.

Members, individual donors and Landmark Conservancy joined the Ribbon Cutting ceremony and picnic afterwards.  The WisCorps crew of 6 young adults, who built the project, also came.  Sara Wartman, RN, representing Bayfield County, and Brian Pierce, representing the Town of Lincoln attended. Together they secured a Bayfield County Health Infrastructure Grant to help build the Boardwalk.   Other organizations recognized for their contributions to the project were the James E. Dutton Foundation, Regional Wellness Fund of the Memorial Medical Center and Xcel Energy.

Front row: Charly Kearns, Bryan Woolever, Mark Belknap, Pam Dryer, Jason Akl. Second Row: Sara Wartman, Pat Belknap, Emily Blodgett. Behind them is the WisCorps crew: Avery Thompson, Barnie Walsh, Will Stobel, Liam Ford, Isaiah Kading, Simon Mount. Others: Mark Dryer, Jeff Blodgett, Brian Pierce, Peter and Sally Grames.

End of Boardwalk

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