7 New Boardwalks!

Lincoln Community Forest Hiking Trails have 7 new boardwalks! All are built over areas that were
muddy or have flowing water under them. Hikers can keep their feet dry now from spring to fall on the
5.5 miles trail system.

Five boardwalks were built with help of a WI DNR trail grant and a WisCorps crew of six young adults
during a week in August 2021. They built about 100 feet total.

Two additional sections, totaling about 100 feet were built on the Lake Trail in October 2021 with the
help of a Bayfield County Health Infrastructure Grant. Northland College students and several Friends
volunteers helped build it.

We are so grateful to grantors and for all the volunteers from the Friends Group, Northland College
students and WisCorps who helped in many ways to complete these boardwalks.

Landmark Conservancy supported our projects both financially and obtained permission from WI DNR.
Thanks Landmark!