Fundraising Comittee

Kim Sturm

Fund Raising Committee

Fundraising Committee Charge

Friends of the Lincoln Community Forest

The Fundraising Committee raises sufficient money to carry out each year’s budgeted needs, and develops long-term giving programs with the Legacy and Endowments (Forest Forever Fund) Committee to ensure a sustainable financial position.  The Fundraising Committee has the authority and responsibility to:

  • Develop an annual work plan by October 1 for the upcoming year
  • Conduct annual appeal for donations from the board, membership at large and surrounding community
  • Develop list of potential grants for organization administration and forest project activities, a calendar of due dates, and prepares grant applications.
  • Identify and sell merchandise to raise money and/or promote the organization, and maintains record of merchandise on hand and results of sales
  • Schedule at least three committee meetings annually and prepare meeting notes
  • Spend time in and become familiar with the Forest
  • Consider additional tasks as needed

Volunteer for The FLCF Fundraising Committee