Gustaf Brandin Family

Gust Brandin died November. 18, 1936 in Lincoln Township, Wisconsin. Rebecca Brandin died on April 25, 1924. Mr. and Mrs. Brandin are both buried in Birch Lake Cemetery.


1898 – Picture left is of Gust and 2nd wife Rebecca, they had Anna the little girl in this picture born, 1898
Two children were born to Gust Brandin – Bennie (Bernard) Brandin (son in first marriage.) born June 24, 1894 in Lincoln Township, Wisconsin. Benny was a bachelor. He died on July 10, 1960 in Colbert, Washington.
Gustaf Alfred Brandin born (December 8, 1856 – died November 18, 1936married Anna Brand. His first wife Anna died in childbirth in 1896 along with their common son Oscar.
Gust was born in Hudene Parish in Vastergotland, Sweden, the son of Jonas Lundin and Inga Lena Larsdostter.
Gust Brandin left Sweden in 1882 and first located in Galesburg, Wisconsin and later in Ironwood, Michigan as a logger.​He arrived in Lincoln Township, together with his brother, Charlie Lundin, in 1888.

​Gust Brandin married Rebecca Hansdotter on October 28, 1896 She was born on (May 12, 1863 in Hundene Parish, Vatergotland, Sweden and died April 25, 1924).
Rebecca emigrated from Sweden on September 24, 1896 and came direct to Mason, Wisconsin and Gust Brandin.