​Nels Swanson Family

Homesteaded in Section 32 – later moved to Section 11 Town of Lincoln

1896 – was the year Nels Swanson homesteaded in the Town of Lincoln

Nels Swanson (March 29, 1866 – November 8, 1928) came from Smoland Sweden andJohanna (Annie) Anderson (March 1, 1873 – April 30, 1929) came from Skona, Sweden with her family.  They were married December 23, 1890.


Nels Swanson had two brothers, Pete Swanson and Alfred Swanson, and one sister, Mathilda Swanson Berg, who lived in Duluth. Minnesota.

Pete Swanson lived in the Town of Lincoln across the road from his brother Nels in Section 32 of the Town of Lincoln.  Brother Alfred Swanson lived in Duluth, Minnesota.

Nels and Anna moved to the Town of Lincoln, in Bayfield County from Ashland, Wisconsin
in 1896 to Section 32, onto 160 acres.

Anna Martina Brandin (daughter from Gusts second marriage was born March 5, 1898) in Lincoln Township, Wisconsin. She lived with her husband, Edward Bloomquist, in Spokane, Washington. They had two children. (1984 Grand View Book)

​Gust Brandin died November. 18, 1936 in Lincoln Township, Wisconsin. Rebecca Brandin died on April 25, 1924. Mr. and Mrs. Brandin are both buried in Birch Lake Cemetery.