Board of Directors

Emily Blodgett

Board Member

Grant Ebert


Jean Barron

Board Member

Bryan Woolever

Vice President; Treasurer

Jason Akl

Board Member

Jean Hansen Zirn

Board Member

Jade Livingston

Board Member

Carl Sack

Board Member

Board of Director Charge and Shared Responsibilities

Friends of the Lincoln Community Forest

The expectations listed below are guidelines or standards, not absolute requirements, and apply collectively to the Board.  The Board shall consist of at least seven persons and no more than fifteen.  Board officers are the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

Liaison(s) to the Board can be appointed by the Board of Directors.  A Board Liaison is the President’s primary contact for all issues related to the liaison’s organization, as necessary.  Liaisons attend board meetings, but participate without vote in all discussions.

  • The President shall:
    • preside over the Board and annual meetings
    • be an ex-officio member of all committees
    • provide direction and guidance to fulfil organization’s vision and mission
    • ensure activities and positions of the organization or compliance with the requirements and intent of the MOA with BRC
  • The Vice President shall:
    • serve as president in the absence of the president
    • monitor compliance with our bylaws
    • form ad hoc committees to recruit officers and Board candidates for general election at the annual meeting
    • conduct the general election at the annual meeting
  • The Secretary shall:
    • maintain official organization files and routine communication with members
    • draft meeting minutes at Board and annual meetings within one week
    • check the post office box, email and donation pipe weekly
  • deliver or send proceeds to the treasure and report proceed amount(s) and purpose(s) to the Membership and Communication Committee chair as soon as possible
  • deliver correspondence to the appropriate party as soon as possible
    • maintain a calendar of FLCF reporting, meeting and events dates and advise Executive Committee as needed
  • The Treasurer shall:
    • maintain records of all financial transactions in Quicken accounting software, or Board-approved alternative, and ensure adequate file backup
    • deposit checks or cash within 5 days and assign amounts to budget categories
    • pay bills within 30 days and assign amounts to budget categories
    • reconcile accounts monthly
    • submit necessary financial reports in compliance with Federal and State requirements
    • report on the organization’s financial condition and budget status at each meeting
  • All Board Directors and officers shall:
    • Be a member in good standing
      • Come to Board meetings having read agenda, the materials provided in advance, and are prepared to be engaged in discussion and decision making.
      • Have a commitment to participate actively as a Director by:
      • Attending at least three meetings annually,
      • Serving on at least one committee
      • Promoting the goals of the organization and participating in the activities of the organization
    • Spend time in and become familiar with the Forest
  • Ensure that FLCF operates for its stated purposes, properly manages its assets and complies with all laws.
  • Approve annual budget and ensure that the budget is both sound and consistent with strategic priorities and annual work plans.
  • Ensure that appropriate fiscal and financial management policies are in place and monitor the effectiveness of these policies.
  • Ensure that FLCF is adequately insured based on a detailed assessment of risk.
  • Understand the mission and vision of FLCF and review it annually.
  • Ensure actions of the organization are meeting both current obligations of MOA with BRC.
  • Participate in board development activities, including board member recruitment, Board orientation, training, recognition and evaluation.
  • Recruit additional prospects for the Board and its committees.
  • Actively participate in fundraising activities, based on each board member’s skills and background.
  • Interpret the work of FLCF, be a “cheerleader” for the role and mission of the FLCF as opportunities arise and share stories of FLCF successes and current projects to the public and to members.
  • Maintain confidentiality of Board actions and deliberations.